Prop T

April 3rd is election day and residents will be asked to vote on how the City of Maplewood pays for Solid Waste Removal.

Here is a PDF of the Informational Mailer for Prop T.

The mailer should arrive in the mail sometime after March 21.  The PDF is the same document that is being mailed.

One question that many residents have had is: 
How a $.10 per $100 assessed value for a $200k house comes to a cost of $38 annually? Why isn't it $200 annually?

The answer is: 
The formula is somewhat confusing because Appraised Valuation and Assessed Valuation of a property are not the same.  Under Missouri State Law, residential property is assessed at 19% of appraised value.   Therefore a home appraised at $200,000 has an assessed value of $38,000 ($200,000 X .19 = $38,000).  Tax rates are expressed in Dollars or Cents per $100 so you would then divide the Assessed Value of $38,000/$100 = $380.   Last you would multiply this figure by the Tax Rate to get your final amount due; $380 X .10 = $38.00 due annually for a home appraised at $200,000.

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