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2017 Entertainment Registration

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  2. Let Them Eat Art - Entertainment Registration

    This form is for participants of the July 14, Let Them Eat Art event so that we can list you in the event directory.

  3. Would you like to participate in the Sutton Parade?*

    The Sutton Parade will start at 6:30 PM at Sutton and Railroad Street and go to Saratoga Lanes. This is not required but your participation is welcome. If you are interested in participating, we will send you an e-mail after you register.

  4. This will be shared in our public directory.

  5. If you are being hosted by a business please list the name of the business.

  6. Hint: Write this like you are writing about somebody else!

  7. All CONTACT INFORMATION is for Let Them Eat art staff only, this will not be shared with the public.

  8. How many people are in your group?*

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