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A one-stop shop for businesses. We will help you if you are just starting a business, building a business, or relocating a business. We have a staff of seasoned professionals to assist you with every step of the municipal process and when you are established, assistance in promoting your business.

Maplewood is all about business and not just helping you get up and running but providing you with a great business environment for business-to-business networking and business-to-play! Office space to retail space to commercial to industrial, there is a place for your business in Maplewood. Real Estate Listings in Maplewood.

Opening or operating a business at your place of residence?

If you are planning on opening or operating a business in your place of residence, you need a business license. Please contact the City Clerk, Karen Scheidt, at (314) 646-3604 for assistance with the business license process. View Home Occupation Ordinance

Municipal Timeline

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We will customize a timeline based to help meet your needs. The first place to start is with the City Clerk, please call (314) 646-3604. The City Clerk will assist you with your business license application and arrange for the Building Official to inspect your premises.

The City of Maplewood does not handle plumbing or electric permits, please contact St. Louis County for assistance: (314) 615-5184.

Depending on the type of business you have, you may need a conditional permit and or a liquor license, the staff will assist you with those items, too.

Here are links to pages that you may need during the process:

Design & Review Board

Plan & Zoning Commission

All of the application materials you will need are posted on our website except for the Business License application. Please call the City Clerk to set-up an appointment for this item.

Items you will need for the business license application, please bring these to the meeting with the City Clerk:

1. A photo ID

2. Business Address

3. Emergency Contact Information

4. Missouri State Sales Tax Information. One of the following will be required: A copy of Missouri sales tax I.D.; OR if applicable, Missouri Certificate of No Tax Due; OR verification of registration.

Fee Structure

Conditional Use Permit (CUP)
Application fee: $100
Public Hearing fee: $330

- CUP application should be turned in to City Hall seven working days prior to the 1st Monday of the month to be included on the Plan & Zoning Commission meeting Agenda.

- CUP takes two meetings of the City Council for approval, with the public hearing held at the 2nd meeting.

Liquor License
Application fee: varies (amount depends on type of license applied for – example…Full liquor license is $450; Sunday liquor license is $300)

Public Hearing fee: $315
- Liquor License application should be turned in at least 15 days prior to the City Council meeting for a public hearing to be held.

- Approval by the City Council takes one meeting, with a motion by the City Council.

Business License
Service business (non-retail) – fee is based on square feet of the space occupied with a $75 minimum fee.

Merchant license (retail) – fee is $1.00 per $1,000 of gross receipts with a $75 minimum fee.

A safety inspection of the premises by the Fire Marshall is required before opening.

Signage Fee
There is a fee for the sign permit: Cost is a minimum of $5.00 and $00.50 per square feet. Signs are approved by Design & Review Board and cannot be erected until approved.

What Maplewood Offers

  • A Property Listing of For Sale/For Lease Listings
  • Check out our Grow Maplewood page with information on how to market your business from social media to press releases.
  • Promotion of your business activities and events through weekly notices to subscribers, Facebook, and Twitter.  
  • An active Chamber of Commerce with networking and business-to-business opportunities that will get you connected to an extensive community of business owners and managers.
  • A location that is close to everything
Bring your business to Maplewood! For more information please call the City Manager or the Community Development Director at 645-3600.

Location Maplewood has direct links to Highways 40 and 44 and is two minutes from 170, providing quick access to the City of St. Louis and St. Louis County:
  • The major thoroughfares of Hanley Road, Big Bend Boulevard, and Laclede Station Road intersect Manchester Avenue within Maplewood.
  • Maplewood is only a five-minute drive to Clayton, a 10-minute drive to downtown St. Louis and 15 minutes from Lambert International Airport.
  • Approximately 33,000 cars pass through the intersection of Big Bend and Manchester daily.

Check out Our Real Estate For Sale/For Lease Page!

As a courtesy to our building owners, we maintain a list of for sale and for lease properties in our Historic Downtown. Visit the Real Estate Listing Page.