Historic Maplewood Walking Tour

Maplewood and Preservation Week


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History at Your Doorstep

Every spring we find that our area history buffs come out of hibernation and during the month of May Preservation Week is celebrated in the St. Louis Region, sponsored by the Landmarks Association Association of St. Louis, Inc.

Self-guided Tour

You can be part of Preservation Week any day and take a self-guided tour of Maplewood.
Put on your walking shoes and take a stroll through history. See Maplewood's charming, late 19th century neighborhoods and pre-streetcar era commercial strips.

This guide "A Stroll Through Time" was written with the help of Esley Hamilton and Doug Houser and produced during Maplewood's centennial year, 2008.

The book was funded by the City of Maplewood Centennial sponsors: ADG, Citizens National Bank, Auto Plaza Ford, PNC Bank and The City of Maplewood. Special thanks to Patrick Jugo of JugoPlus Architects and the designers at Moosylvania.

Maplewood is very rich in history. If you are interested, checkout our Historic Wednesdays page where every Wednesday, or so, we post a new collection of old photographs.

Visit the Landmarks Association of St. Louis, Inc. for information on landmarks and historic districts and how you can get involved.

Painting by Stan Masters