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Memorial Dedication Ceremony

The dedication ceremony of the Ryan Hummert Memorial will be held at 6:30 PM on Thursday, July 21 in Ryan Hummert Memorial Park just two blocks north of Manchester on Sutton Blvd.

All are welcome.

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A Day We Will Not Soon Forget

July 21st, 2008

Very early on the morning of July 21st , 2008 the Maplewood Fire Department recieved a call for a truck fire on the 7400 block of Zephyr. This was 22-year old Ryan Hummert's first fire call. What happened when the crew arrived was unimaginable: a sniper began shooting at the firefighters. A bullet struck and mortally wounded Maplewood’s youngest firefighter, Ryan Hummert, who as the son of former Mayor Andy Hummert and Jackie Hummert, had roots that ran deep through the Maplewood community. Two police officers, Adam Fite and Sergeant Mike Martin, were shot and wounded. A crew of Maplewood Firefighters and a number of Police Officers found themselves in the line of fire and risked their lives that day to save colleagues and protect residents from a pathological sniper who ultimately took his own life. We will never know why this happened nor will we ever forget that day.

This tragic event occurred on the cusp of the City's Centennial celebration. In all of its one hundred years this is one of the biggest tragedies suffered.

Our thoughts and prayers remain with the Hummert Family, the Maplewood Firefighters and the Maplewood Police Department. Our thanks will always be there to those in the community who came forward to help.
Please read below to see how you can help.

The Ryan Hummert Scholarship and Memorial Fund

Remembering Ryan Hummert

“Always Our Brother – Never Forgotten”

One of the first actions of the City Council following the days of July 21st was to rename Junior High Park at Lyndover and Sutton and call it, "Ryan Hummert Memorial Park". The City hopes to build a memorial in the park and is raising the funds to do so.

You Can Help Us Build a Memorial or Fund a Scholarship

The City of Maplewood has set-up two funds honoring the memory of Ryan Hummert. The Ryan Hummert Memorial Fund to help build a memorial in Ryan Hummert Memorial Park and the Ryan Hummert Scholarship Fund that has been set-up in Ryan's name for educational uses.

If you wish to make a donation to this fund checks should be made payable to: The City of Maplewood Ryan Hummert Memorial or the Ryan Hummert Scholarship Fund and send to Maplewood City Hall, c/o The Ryan Hummert Fund, 7601 Manchester, Maplewood City Hall, Maplewood, MO 63143. This is a tax-deductible donation. Please call 645-3600 for more information.

Photo Album

We started a photo album related to the events surrounding the tragic loss of Ryan Hummert.
If you have photographs you would like to submit for consideration, please submit via e-mail to:design@cityofmaplewood.com