Neighborhood Watch

Maplewood Police Department's Neighborhood Watch

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What can a Neighborhood Watch Program do for me?

• Get to Know Your Neighbors
• Learn How Not To Be an Easy Target/Victim of Crime
• Learn How You Can Assist the Maplewood Police Department Make Your Community Safer
• Learn How to Protect Your Property

The Maplewood Police Department does everything in its power to protect the community from crime. With crime rates on the rise nationwide we are looking for ways to better serve you and get citizens more involved in the community. By taking a stance to help one another and the police department, we can make changes and put the City of Maplewood on the map as having lower crime rates than the national average.

Contact Sgt. Kerry Daniels regarding any questions at (314) 646-3617.

Important Telephone Numbers for the Maplewood Police Department

Here is a PDF document of the Maplewood Police Department's frequently called and important phone numbers. Remember: always call 911 in an emergency!

List of Important Maplewood Police Telephone Numbers

Please note, you can copy the link and forward to other Neighborhood Watch participants.