Historic Wednesdays!

How about a look at a few of the early Maplewood residents?

Meet the Lauritsons

Sophie Lauritson is featured with her infant daughter. The note accompanying Sophie's picture says she lived to be 100 and her daughter became Mrs. Andrews.

The Lauritson ad is from a 1915 Maplewood News-Champion newspaper.

The Lauritson crew drove a horse and carraige to work. Pictured is Jim Lauritson on the left and Henry Knochelman on the right.

Meet the Stertzings

The Stertzing ad is from the 1912 Maplewood directory. The Sterzing's are photographed in their greenhouse. Their building, The Stertzing building, sports one of the best loved facades in our business district. It can be found today at the corner of Southwest and Manchester.

Thank you to Doug Houser for the photos from the Maplewood Public Library.