Smokin' and Such

Our apologies to those of you who are fuming over the new smoking ordinance butt we thought it would be interesting to take a step back in time when such habits were encouraged and it seems like every business gave you matchbooks. Surprisingly our research only came up with two photos of people smoking.

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Steakhouse matchbooks

Copy (1) of scan0010_thumb.jpg Promoting War Bonds during WWII

A variety of matchbooks: banks, car washes and restaurants.

Ed's Tavern encouraged you to "bring the family" on their matchbook covers.


Several fans took a smoking break in the stands while the Fats and Leans baseball team posed for a photo.
Photo date unknown but we will guess 1930's.

Finally, the photo below is of Lena and Henry Wolf of 2618 Laclede Station Road. Henry, who succumbed to asthma, liked to smoke a pipe. This is the family of councilman Fred Wolf. We believe the photograph is from the 1910's.

Lena and Henry Wolf_thumb.jpg