Maplewood Public Art

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Our Historic Downtown has more than dining, shopping and entertainment; many artists and photographers call Maplewood home.

Maplewood also boasts a small but eclectic offering of public art pieces. Some are permanent, dating back to the 1940's and some are temporary, only on display for a season.

Our collection is a great opportunity for you to get out and take a stroll. You can also combine the art tour with a self-guided tour of our Route 66 Sidewalk Plaques or our Historic Maplewood Walking Tour.

Looking for more art?:

Check out our annual arts events:

Let Them Eat Art Event offered annually on the second Friday of July.

Stringfest, offered in the spring.

Schlafly's Art Outside offered Memorial Day weekend.
Carl MoseCarl Mose's Family Group 1942 cropped.web.jpg

Artist: Carl Mose
Region: Maplewood, MO
Location: Maplewood Post Office
Address: 2800, Marshall, Maplewood, MO 63143
Note: On view during Post Office hours, please call (314) 645-3179 for business hours.

Carl Mose was a Danish born sculptor. In 1942, he created what some call, "the real jewel of the Maplewood Post Office", a New Deal high relief wood carving depicting a man, woman and child reclining outdoors with clouds, a dove, and a church with trees. This relief was apparently carved of Ponderosa pine or similar softwood and is mounted high on the wall.

Mr. Mose also created the statue of Stan Musial in downtown St. Louis at Walnut St. and S. Broadway. He taught at Washington University in St. Louis. Mr. Mose died in 1973.

More information about Mr. Mose's public works in the St. Louis Region can be found at The Regional Arts Commission Website.

Eric Woods/Firecracker Press
Artist: Eric Woods
Region: Maplewood, MO
Location: Yale & Manchester; Bellevue & Manchester; Southwest & Manchester; Marshall & Manchester; Sutton & Manchester
Address: Along Manchester Avenue, Maplewood, MO 63143
Map of Utility Boxes

Artist Bio:
Eric got his start as a designer in Kansas City and New York and moved to St. Louis to take a job at an advertising firm. He’s worked for book publishers, newspapers and studios large and small.

Dimensions: 44”W 56”H 27”D
Material: Paint on metal electrical boxes
Donor: Maplewood Special Business District

The artist wanted to show Maplewood’s rich history in the designs for the utility boxes that would be seen by thousands of residents and visitors each day. The designs speak directly to present day sensibilities and paint a picture of modern Maplewood’s unique qualities, services, and future interests. To accomplish that goal the artist decided to tell a story about five aspects that make Maplewood special and connect the story from one utility box to the next. Each of the five aspects has been chosen for specific utility box locations, community/neighborhood; cultural crossroads; street fair/festival; commerce/business; and nightlife/entertainment.

Grace McCammondHammond_thumb.jpg

Artist: Grace McCammond
Region: Maplewood, MO
Location: Street light posts along Manchester Avenue in Historic Downtown Maplewood
Address: 7100, 7200, 7300 and 7400 Manchester Avenue, Maplewood, MO 63143

Artist Bio:
Grace earned a BA in Fine Arts from the University of Montana; shortly thereafter she moved to St Louis to pursue a career as a self-employed artist. Since then, she has been involved in many public arts projects in the St. Louis region and in City neighborhoods such as Dutchtown, and Forest Park Southeast/The Grove. Her projects include murals, signs, posters, logos, portraits, and sculptures.

Owner: Maplewood Special Business District
Donor: Maplewood Special Business District

The artist wanted to create a unique and memorable visual statement that represents the diversity and energy of the area that is both artistic and recognizable. She wanted to re-invent the City’s iconic symbol, the maple leaf. Her inspiration came from talking with various business owners in Maplewood.

The Starry Leaf is a nod to Van Gogh in the colors of summer; Georgia O’ Leaf represents the earth tones and styles of O’Keeffe, the colors of autumn; and the Blue Leaf is reminiscent of Picasso in his Blue Period with a winter feel.

Janet Zweig
 Zweig_1_thumb.jpgArtist: Janet Zweig
Region: Maplewood
Location: Maplewood MetroLink station, just east of Hanley Road
Address: 7845 Manchester Rd., Maplewood, MO 63143

Artist Bio:
Janet Zweig is an artist who lives in Brooklyn, NY, working primarily in the public realm. She received an MFA from State University of New York in the Visual Studies Workshop, and received a B.A. from Cornell University. Her awards include the Rome Prize Fellowship, NEA fellowships, and residencies at PS1 Museum and the MacDowell Colony. She teaches at the Rhode Island School of Design and at Brown University.

Dimensions: 28’W
Material: Various materials from demolished homes
Owner: Metro
Donor: Arts in Transit

The artwork consists of two 28 foot long 3-dimensional sculptures that spell out the word “MAPLEWOOD,” installed on either side of the overpass bridge: one forwards, and one backwards. The letter forms were constructed of materials taken from two houses in Maplewood that were demolished in the fall of 2006. The houses were transformed into two words.

People driving into Maplewood see the forward facing word. They can then read the word on the other side of the overpass in their rear-view mirrors as if seeing an illusionist image of Maplewood’s past. As Marshall McLuhan said in 1967, "We look at the present through a rear-view mirror."

At night, the letters are lit from behind, silhouetting them against the bridge.

Genevieve Esson

Resized_20200601_142903Artist: Genevieve Esson
Region: Maplewood
Location: Citizens National Bank Park
Address: 7300 Manchester Rd., Maplewood, MO 63143

Artist Bio: A St. Louis Missouri native with a B.A. in painting from Webster University, Genevieve paints in acrylics and mixed media. She is an award winning artist and her work is collected locally, nationally and internationally. 
Owner: City of Maplewood
Donor: Citizens for Modern Transit and AARP St. Louis