THE RYAN HUMMERT MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIPRyan Hummert Statue 2_Photo by Leslie Keuss  
Applications for the Ryan Hummert Memorial Scholarship 
are accepted year round but applicants need to check with IHM Academy of EMS on scheduled beginning dates for the each class.

It is strongly recommended that applications be submitted not less than 10 weeks before a class is scheduled to begin.

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Ryan Hummert Memorial Scholarship - Paramedic
The Ryan Hummert Memorial Scholarship was established shortly after City of Maplewood Firefighter and Paramedic Ryan Hummert’s life was tragically taken in the line of duty on July 21, 2008.

The scholarship was established by those that loved him to assure his mission of helping others would continue and provide assistance to those desiring a career in the emergency medical and fire service, who may otherwise be financially unable.
The scholarship is supported by the Ryan Hummert Memorial Scholarship Fund. Donations and various fundraising endeavors continue to support the fund.


To be considered for this scholarship, you must:

• Be a currently licensed State of Missouri Emergency Medical Technician.

• Either before application or immediately upon notification of scholarship award successfully enroll in an IHM Academy of EMS Paramedic Certification Course.

• Complete an essay that provides examples and demonstrates the traits and characteristics which
you possess that will exemplify Ryan Hummert as a person and professional. The essay must not exceed 3 typed double-spaced pages in not less than 12 point font.

• The essay must also explain why you deserve the scholarship definitive financial
need for the scholarship.

• Submit the application not less than 10 weeks prior to the beginning of the class cycle you wish to attend. 

• You must submit the application to the scholarship board as directed on the application page.

You also must include with your application three professional letters of reference which include the following:

• Your relationship to the reference.

• Contact information of the reference: name, email address, home or business address, and phone number.

• Content of the reference letter must include commentary on your character, work ethic, and their experiences with you.

The Scholarship Committee will consider the eligibility criteria as listed previously.

Additionally, the Scholarship committee is committed to awarding the scholarships without bias related to a person's race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability, genetic information, or sexual orientation.

Applications should be submitted not less than 10 weeks prior to the class date you wish to begin attendance. Applications received after that time may be held for consideration for the next scheduled award. Scholarship awards are typically made the first week of April, August, and December (as funding levels permit) with the intent of giving the school and student a reasonable amount of time to make arrangements to attend. If you are not selected for a scholarship you may and are encouraged to reapply. Feel free to inquire about your status using the contact information listed on the scholarship application.

All applicants will be notified of their status as soon as possible after the Scholarship Committee makes the selection.

Typically, four - $5000 scholarships are awarded per calendar year.

The Scholarship provides for tuition, textbooks and other fee expenses paid by the Ryan Hummert Memorial Scholarship.

Awards are paid directly to IHM Academy of EMS upon invoice receipt. Payments will be made on a scheduled basis provided the student remains enrolled and in good standing with IHM Academy of EMS. Textbook and other fee expenses will be paid as they are incurred in conjunction with tuition payment schedule.

The scholarship is intended to remain in effect until the student completes the curriculum specified by IHM Academy of EMS. To remain eligible for the Ryan Hummert Memorial Scholarship, you must remain enrolled and in good standing with the IHM Academy of EMS Program.

This scholarship may be revoked by the Board of Directors for any of the following reasons:

Students suspended from IHM Academy of EMS for academic or other reasons will have their scholarship automatically revoked, effective the date of suspension even though they may be re-admitted by IHM Academy of EMS.

Any act of misconduct which would bring discredit to the image of the scholarship is subject to review by the Board of Directors and possible revocation.

Application and required documents must be submitted as directed in the scholarship application.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please send inquiries to Pete Marsac at (314) 646-3613.

*Incomplete Applications May Not Be Considered