Oral Interviews with Maplewood Residents

Interviews with Maplewood citizens about their lives in the city.

Paul Buenger - Paul Buenger is the owner of Paramount Jewelers located on Manchester Road in the heart of Maplewood. Mr. Buenger talks about owning a business in Maplewood as well as the re-development that has occurred creating positive effects. Also discussed are Route 66 and the Maplewood School District.

Bob Harsh - Bob Harsh has been a resident of Maplewood since the early 1960s. Mr. Harsh moved to Maplewood from Washington D.C. and he is a retired employee from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Mr. Harsh is involved with various organizations throughout the community. He is extremely active in the non-profit organization of Mapledays and his church.

Linda Henke - Linda Henke has served as Superintendent of the Maplewood-Richmond Heights school district since 2000. Prior to working in Maplewood she served as Assistant Superintendent to the Clayton school district. While Superintendent Henke did not grow up in Maplewood she has had a major educational impact on the community. Ms. Henke has revamped the structure of the Maplewood schools and instituted some extraordinary programs which included the Teacher home visit program and Joe's Place. The Maplewood-Richmond Heights school district is one which the entire community can take substantial pride.

Laura Miller - Laura Miller was born and raised in Maplewood. In her mid-20s she moved to the city of Saint Louis and lived there for 12 years. She has recently moved back to Maplewood with her husband and three children. Laura has tremendous community spirit and a strong devotion to the arts within the Maplewood community.

Jason Watkins - Jason Watkins was born and raised in Maplewood. Mr. Watkins is employed with the Parks and Recreation Department of Maplewood. One of his favorite things about growing up in Maplewood is the small-city feeling and closeness within the community. Mr. Watkins currently lives in Maplewood with his wife and daughters.

Mayor Jim White - Jim White is the current Mayor of Maplewood; he has his Masters degree in Urban Planning from Washington University. Mayor White was born and raised in Maplewood during the 1950s. Prior to serving as Mayor he worked for the Saint Louis County Police. Mayor White is extremely happy with the direction of the Maplewood community. He stresses that communities need good people who are fully invested to maintain that strong sense of community that Maplewood is known for.