Building Division Information and Resources

 A Building Permit is required for construction, fencing and other items (see a list below). The Building Official reviews and approves all building permits.  Please contact, Brian Herr, Maplewood Building Official, at 314-646-3634 if you have any questions.  The information below should help answer general questions.  The Guidelines to Obtaining a Building Permit will answer in-depth questions and also help determine if an item requires Design & Review Board approval.  Apply for a building permit online.


  • Construction of new structures of any description, including main buildings, garages, carports, room additions and/or extensions or enlargement of existing rooms, storage sheds over 100 square feet, attached porches, decks, and retaining walls.
  • Any alteration to a building or structure, whether or not the alteration is structural in nature. 
  • Any work that changes the class of construction of the building.  
  • The conversion of basement or below-grade space to living quarters.
  • Conversion of attic space to living quarters.
  • The removal or installation of any partition in a habitable or occupiable space.
  • Swimming pools more than 24 inches deep or more than 30 inches wall height and with a surface area of 250 square feet or more involving structural work and/or supports and all pools that have a permanently equipped water circulating system. 
  • The installation of precast stone also requires a permit. 
  • All fences or fencing of any type, driveways, driveway aprons, public sidewalks, an entire new roof, when roof work is not replacement of like material, or when any of the roof sheathing is removed and replaced. 
  • General repairs involving two or more rooms also requires a building permit.
  • Certain repairs and installations require an electrical, plumbing or mechanical permit. An electrical permit is required for the installation of any electrical wiring or the changing of the electrical service. A plumbing permit is required for any new plumbing installation or the removal and resetting of any plumbing fixture. A mechanical permit is required for the installation or the replacement of a furnace or central air conditioner. Plumbing, electrical and mechanical permits must be obtained from St. Louis County Department of Public Works. The permit processing numbers are: plumbing 615-7808, electrical 615-7082 and mechanical, 615-3867.
Online Building Application Form


  • Plaster repair
  • Tuckpointing
  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Floor sanding and refinishing
  • Laying floor tiles and/or carpet
  • Replacement of flooring with like material
  • Installing wall covering
  • Wall paneling when applied to existing wall surfaces
  • Ceiling tile installation when applied to existing ceiling surfaces
  • Cabinet installation
  • Replacement of gutters and downspouts
  • Application of pre- finished aluminum or steel on soffits
  • Fascia boards
  • Rake boards and overhangs
  • Replacement or repair of windows and frames
  • Exterior and interior doors
  • When no modifications are made to the opening, construction of walkways within Property lines
  • Patio slabs smaller than 12' x 15' in area without roof or overhang covers, Retaining walls less than 4' in height
  • Installation of landscaping
  • Fixed or retractable awnings that are not more than 40 square feet and do not Project over property lines (for residential properties only)
  • Installation of battery operated smoke detectors