Maplewood is an EPA Green Power Community

Maplewood was recognized for meeting the Green Power Community challenge on September 19, 2015 by the EPA. The Maplewood Sustainability Commission was instrumental in moving this initiative forward.

Green Power Communities are towns, villages, cities, or counties in which the local government, businesses, and residents collectively buy green power in amounts that meet EPA purchase requirements for the Green Power Partnership program. These communities are supporting renewable energy and reducing their carbon footprints from electricity use.

• Maplewood joins 56 other communities across the country and is now the third Missouri community to become an EPA Green Power Community, joining the ranks of cities including Portland, Oregon; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the nation’s capital, Washington, DC.

Eco home

• These homeowners, businesses and local organizations are now collectively using renewable energy in amounts that make a real difference for our environment and for the health of our citizens.

• When the Challenge began, the goal was to match three percent of the city’s energy use with green energy and the residents and businesses of Maplewood showed such overwhelming support of the Green Power Challenge that they doubled the original goal and are now matching SIX PERCENT of the city’s energy use with green energy. This success couldn’t have been achieved without local government's efforts and the help of households and local businesses throughout the community. Maplewood can proudly boast that they’re supporting more than seven million kilowatt-hours of green power annually, the equivalent to the electricity use of nearly 700 average American homes. The environmental impact of this participation is similar to taking 1,278 cars off the road for one year.

• EPA applauds the leadership and support of the many residents and organizations who have contributed to the success of Maplewood’s Green Power initiative.

There are approximately 200 homes supporting green energy either by installing solar or through their participation in the Pure Power Program.

The following businesses and organizations have also joined the Green Power Challenge by purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates.

  • Architectural Design | Guild Bridges-Community Support Services | Cousin Hugo’s | Foundation Grounds | Gray Design Group | Great Harvest Bread Company | Hellmuth + Bicknese | Kakao Chocolate | Maplewood/Richmond Heights School District | Schlafly Bottleworks | Stone Spiral Coffee | The Book House | The City of Maplewood | The Crow’s Nest | The Post Sports Bar and Grill | The Side Project Cellar | Traveling Tea Company

The following businesses and organizations have installed solar:

  • Architectural Design Guild | Maplewood/Richmond Heights School District | Saint Louis Closet Company | Schlafly Bottleworks | Sutton Design Studio | The City of Maplewood

The importance of leadership cannot be stressed enough. Notably, the support of Maplewood’s City Government has been instrumental to this initiative. Through its leadership and support, Maplewood is well on its way to making a significant environmental impact through the purchase of green power.