Special Business District Tax Advisory Commission


The SBD Tax Advisory Commission has the responsibility of performing the primary administrative functions of the district. The functions include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Officers and Committees
  • By-Laws
  • Development Plan
  • Budget

Members are appointed by the Mayor and consist of individuals who own property or operate as municipally licensed business within the boundaries of the district.

Special Business District Boundaries

The Special Business District boundaries are roughly as follows: From the east to west, the City of St. Louis and Maplewood border on Manchester ending at the Metrolink overpass on Manchester; also includes Sutton from Lohmeyer at the north and to Flora at the south; and Big Bend from Weaver at the north to Flora at the south.


  • 4:00 PM
  • Fourth  Wednesday of the month 
  • City Hall (unless otherwise noted)

Special Business District Tax Advisory Commission Members
Term: 3 years

Jim Barton
Term expires: June 2020

Nikki Bisel
Term expires: June 2021

Gautam Gatla
Term expires: June 2020

Chris Peoples
Term expires: June 2020

John Sauter
Term expires: June 2022

David Schlafly - Chair
Term expires: June 2021

Sheila Sudderwalla
Term expires: June 2021