Plastic Bag Awareness Day

OneSTL_Proud Partner

Saturday, April 13, 2019 is Plastic Bag Awareness Day!

Help reduce the problem of Plastic Bags! The biggest contaminate in residential recycling is the plastic shopping bag.  When these bags are put into home recycling bins they often jam up the recycling processing equipment putting workers at risk and contaminate entire bales of good recyclable material. 

Help us encourage shoppers to bring their own shopping bags so we can reduce the use of plastic shopping bags!

The following businesses will be participating in Plastic Bag Awareness Day. The offerings listed below are only good for Saturday, April 13 during normal business hours.

Airedale Antics - 7316 Manchester Rd.
Anyone who brings in their own bags gets 5% off of their purchase!

Bolyards - 2810 Sutton Blvd.
10% discount on our market totes!

Element of Design - 2718 Sutton Blvd.
5% discount and free 1 card Tarot reading to anyone bringing in their own shopping bag.

Get The Word Out - 7405 Manchester Rd.
5% discount off your purchase for bringing your own bags!

Kakao Chocolate - 7272 Manchester Rd.
Receive a free (extra, beyond our usual free sample) truffle to everyone who makes a purchase and brings a re-useable plastic bag.

La Cosecha Coffee Roasters - 7360 Manchester Rd.
Offering $1 off purchase of 1 lb bag of coffee when you bring back in your coffee bag from previous La Cosecha Coffee.

Larder & Cupboard - 7310 Manchester Rd.
Offering a 5% discount on entire purchase on Saturday, April 13th if customers bring in their own reusable bag.  

Mystic Valley - 7241 Manchester Rd.
Offering 5% off entire purchase for anyone who "brings their own" bag on the April 13th!  

Penzeys - 7345 Manchester Rd.
Offering a little something for free for anyone who "brings their own" bag on the April 13th!

Sole Shine Massage - 3104 Sutton Blvd.
Offering $10 off any scheduled appointment that day to any client of ours who bring in any plastic bags! Sole Shine will also serve a collection spot for ANYONE wanting to drop off their plastic bags for recycling!

The Book House - 7352 Manchester Rd.
10% discount for people who bring their own bag on April 13th!

Vom Fass - 7314 Manchester Rd.
5% discount on the entire purchase if you bring your own bag!

Zee Bee Market - 7270 Manchester Rd.
Every customer who brings a reusable bag on Saturday, April 13, will get 5% off their entire purchase. Store hours 11AM - 8PM