Carbon Monoxide

Safety Tips

To avoid carbon monoxide poisoning in your home, read the following suggestions from the National Safety Council. Every time a fuel appliance is activated, CO is produced because carbon monoxide is a product of combustion.
  • Remember to keep fresh air circulating in your house. Open a vent or window to eliminate toxic fumes. All fuel-combustion appliances should be vented directly outdoors.
  • Have your heating systems checked each fall before cold weather arrives to make sure it's operating efficiently and that all vents, pipes, flues, and chimneys are unclogged and tight.
  • Have your stoves, fireplaces, and water heaters checked.
  • Don't close your fireplace damper until you're certain the fire is out. Have chimneys cleaned and inspected annually.
  • Never run your car engine in an enclosed area even with the garage door open.
Please install a carbon monoxide detector for the safety of you and your family. For additional information on carbon monoxide please call the Maplewood Fire Department at 646-3666.