2021 Summer Road Construction

Construction Updates

November 5, 2021: Weekly Update

October 22, 2021: Weekly Update

October 13, 2021: Weekly Update

October 8, 2021: Weekly Update

October 1, 2021: Weekly Update

September 23, 2021: Weekly Update

September 17, 2021: Weekly Update

September 9, 2021: Weekly Update

September 3, 2021: Weekly Update

August 27, 2021: Weekly Update

August 19, 2021: Weekly Update

August 12, 2021: Weekly Update

August 5, 2021: Weekly Update

July 29, 2021: Weekly Update

July 22, 2021: Weekly Update

July 16, 2021: Weekly Update

July 9, 2021: Weekly Update 

July 2, 2021: Weekly Update

June 25, 2021: Weekly Updates

Street Access During Construction:Under Construction Image

During construction, one lane of the road will be closed and traffic will be posted as a one-way street. The work will be done in multiple phases to minimize traffic issues and maintain access to multi-tenant buildings but will generally be on one side until complete and then switched to the other side. There will be occasions where the road is temporarily blocked while trucks are being loaded and unloaded but we will try and keep delays to an absolute minimum.  

Parking During Construction:

Please use the alternative local streets for parking or, if possible, make arrangements to share a driveway with your neighbor. Parking on the street during construction will be restricted during construction so please look for posted “No-Parking” signs.   

Trash and Recycling Services During Construction:

Trash and recycling services will continue during the construction so please continue to take your containers to the curb as you normally would.  There is no need to enter the construction area. Please contact city hall at 645-3600 if your trash or recycling is not picked up.