Maplewood Library, PARC Parties and PARC Job Opportunities


Located at 7550 Lohmeyer, this beautifully renovated 13,000 square foot library features cozy, cushioned reading alcoves and cheerful windows. Patrons have access to quality library services and resources, Internet access, and an expanded, separate Children's Library.

View City of Maplewood Library website for more information.


For your next birthday party, theme party, youth lock-in, or shower, PARC has it all, at any of our fine indoor and outdoor facilities. Contact Kelly Stroot at 655-3666 for more information.

Part-time Opportunities

PARC has ongoing part-time job opportunities in their parks, programs, and facilities. Combined, The HEIGHTS, Maplewood Aquatic Center, park maintenance division, and summer day camp program has a work force in excess of 150.

Positions include customer service desk, child care, fitness attendants, concession, indoor / outdoor aquatic staff, park laborers, and summer camp personnel. PARC is also continually seeking instructors for the many programs offered through the department.

For part-time employment, contact guest services at 645-1476.