Police Dispatch - Non-Emergency Crime or Concern

Call Police Dispatch to Report a Crime or Concern

The number for the Police Dispatch is (314) 645-3000. Please call this number to report a non-emergency crime or concern. If you are experiencing an emergency please call 911.

East Central Dispatch Center

The East Central Dispatch Center (ECDC) is a comprehensive consolidated effort to serve the public safety communications needs of five communities through one facility. On November 22, 2002, an intergovernmental agreement was finalized, upon the approval of all concerned city councils, between the Cities of Clayton, Maplewood, Richmond Heights, Shrewsbury, and Webster Groves.  Since the original agreement was finalized, the Cities of Brentwood, Rock Hill, and Olivette have signed agreements and are also dispatched by ECDC.  The agreement serves to designate the ECDC as the multi-jurisdictional center for all emergency communications concerning fire, police, and emergency medical services for the participating cities.

This type of consolidated agency development puts the member cities into a unique, innovative, and leading example of functional cooperation for the entire St. Louis metropolitan region.


Centrally located in Richmond Heights Public Safety Building, adjacent to I-64, the East Central Dispatch Center proudly serves the public safety communications needs for the communities of Clayton, Maplewood, Richmond Heights, Shrewsbury, and Webster Groves.


This mission is accomplished through constant in-service, professional training, coupled with quality assurance standards geared to retain a staff of efficient, empathetic, skilled professionals using proper up-to-date equipment while also maintaining the focus of fiscal responsibility. The full consolidation was complete and the East Central Dispatch Center began operation on July 1, 2004.