Code Enforcement Officer


The Code Enforcement Officer enforces City ordinances on a daily basis in order to preserve, protect, and beautify the City by conducting the inspection of property for:
  • High weeds and grass
  • Trash and debris
  • Unsightly outdoor storage
  • Unsanitary living conditions and unsafe structures
These violations are corrected either by owners compliance or court appearance. The officer also issues notifications, summons, tows, and/or impounds all abandoned, derelict, unlicensed, unsafe motor vehicles whether on City or private property.

Additional Responsibilities

The Code Enforcement officer also notifies animal owners to inoculation, license, and reminds them to not let their animals run at large. He notifies utilities of hazardous conditions, improper usage, and fraudulent installation. He provides assistance to all officers of this department whenever needed, and answers any and all calls for service.