School Resource Officer


The School Resource Officer (SRO) is located at the Maplewood / Richmond Heights High School in Maplewood. The SRO instructs school children, teaching non-violence, conflict resolution, protecting lives and property while preserving the peace.

The SRO also:
  • Teaches classes
  • Meets with students, teachers, and parents
  • Patrols assigned sectors in non-school months to control traffic, prevent crime or peace disturbance


The goal of the SRO is to ensure our high school and junior high are safe, free of violence, and explicitly committed to the development of positive personal values and self discipline. If this is achieved an excellent learning environment can easily be created at the high school and the junior high.
The SRO will assist in developing and supporting programs that are proactive in the area of eliminating violence. The programs will be targeted toward youths and their families who display risk factors that may lead to violent, disruptive, or abusive behavior in the high school and the junior high school. The programs will also be designed to include prevention, early identification and intervention. The SRO will develop educational programs for the high school and junior high students in the areas of anger management and conflict resolution.

Juvenile Officer

The SRO is also the Juvenile Officer. The Juvenile Officer investigates all crimes and offenses involving juveniles and acts as the liaison between the Police Department and the Juvenile Court. The SRO works closely with the school faculty of the Maplewood Richmond Heights School District.