Public Works


The operations of the Maplewood Public Works Department are divided into three divisions.

Maintenance Division
The Maintenance Division is responsible for the upkeep of City streets, sidewalks, street trees, parks, and public buildings. These duties include snow removal, leaf vacuuming, tree planting, and removal.

Building Division
The Building Division is responsible for inspection of all new City construction and remodeling work. In addition, the Building Division Inspectors conduct annual inspections of all rental properties and enforcement of the City's property maintenance code on all residential and commercial properties.

Administration Division
The Administration Division is responsible for the administration of the street reconstruction program, refuse collection and recycling, the Sewer Lateral Repair Program, and the Water Line Repair Loan Program.

Reporting A Concern

To report street maintenance work, water line or sewer problems, dangerous or fallen tree limbs, street or alley lights out, or buildings needing inspection, call City Hall at 645-3600. For an emergency situation occurring after office hours, call the Maplewood Police Department at 645-3000.