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Looking for pages on the City of Maplewood website? Here are some of our frequently used pages: Court payments: http://www.cityofmaplewood.com/courtpay Emergency Notification Sign-up: http://www.cityofmaplewood.com/emergency Events: http://www.cityofmaplewood.com/fun Online payments (other than court): http://www.cityofmaplewood.com/payments http://www.cityofmaplewood.com/pay Pet licenses: http://www.cityofmaplewood.com/pet Recycling: http://www.cityofmaplewood.com/recycling OTHER LINKS: Police Phone Numbers: http://www.cityofmaplewood.com/police.phone Police Page: http://www.cityofmaplewood.com/police Police Job Application: http://www.cityofmaplewood.com/police.application City Council: http://www.cityofmaplewood.com/council

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1. When is City Hall Open for Business?
2. Where Do I Purchase a Pass to the Maplewood Family Aquatic Center?
3. Webpage Links
4. How do I arrange for pick-up of large trash items?
5. What is the fax number at City Hall?
6. How do I reach the Police in a non-emergency?