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Let Them Eat Art 2019 - Artist/Business Partnership

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  2. 2019 Let Them Eat Art
    Please complete the form with all of the requested information, including uploading three JPEG images of your work.
  3. What is Let Them Eat Art?
    Let Them Eat Art (LTEA) is Maplewood's whimsical tribute to Bastille Day. The event features live art demonstrations by regional artists, live music, and food & drink by Maplewood's award-winning food purveyors. Let Them Eat Art is not an art fair; it's a celebration of making art and enjoying art in the shops and on the streets of Historic Downtown Maplewood. We ask each artist to demonstrate their craft. The demonstration aspect of the event is very important. All artists participating in Let Them Eat Art agree to prepare and participate in a live demonstration of their work and/or complete a work of art during the event. No matter your medium there is a way to demonstrate your work. GET CREATIVE! In exchange for providing the demonstration, Let Them Eat Art offers the opportunity for artists to show and sell their work. The demonstration is meant to be ongoing and interactive through the event and takes place within your allotted exhibition space.
  4. Event Details
    Date: Friday, July 12, 2019
  5. Time: 6 PM – 11 PM
  6. Where: The event is located throughout the Maplewood Special Business District
  7. Set Up: Artists will arrange set-up directly with their partnering business. Set up maybe inside or outside the business.
  8. Submission Deadline is Thursday, May 16 at 11:59 PM.
    The person completing and submitting this form is referred to as Artist.
  9. All artists participating in Let Them Eat Art agree to prepare and participate in a live demonstration of their work during the course of the event. Please describe the type of live art demonstration you will provide. No matter your medium there is a way to demonstrate your work. GET CREATIVE! Need a creative nudge, think BASTILLE DAY!
  10. Artist Agrees to the Following Terms (please read carefully):
    This submission is subject to review and approval and the City of Maplewood and the City of Maplewood SBD reserve the right to accept or reject any submission. Artist understands the criteria of this initiative and agrees to the following by providing their electronic signature below: The three images submitted by the artist will be posted online in a website gallery prior to the event. Along with the artist bio, contact information and link to the artist’s website or social media platform of choice. The artwork design must be family-friendly and convey a positive message. The City of Maplewood SBD has the right to reject any design(s). Participation includes the artist providing demonstrations of their work and/or completing a work of art the evening of the event. All work exhibited must be comparable to the work submitted in the 3 images. The event director reserves the right to ask that any work that is inconsistent with the accepted work be removed. Artist agrees to display their completed artwork for the entirety of the event on Friday, July 12 from 6 PM to 11 PM. The website gallery will remain online until spring 2020. Artist understands that they may offer their artwork for sale at the event and will set their own sales price and retain 100% of the proceeds. Each artist is responsible for recording, collecting and paying current Missouri sales tax on all sales made during LTEA, including orders that will be made and delivered after LTEA. Artist agrees to comply with all stated rules and guidelines including those in the LTEA Artist Handbook (to be distributed in May). Laura Miller, Director of Community Development serves as the event director and represents the SBD. Felecia Allman has been contracted as the Artist Coordinator.
  11. Please note:
    This is a family friendly event. It is non-political. We do not condone violence of any kind. We do not permit artwork that discriminates against any group. We reserve the right to reject any proposal for any reason.
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