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Business Directory Form

  1. Maplewood Business Directory Registration Form
    This form is for Maplewood Business Owners who would like to be added to the City's Online Directory. Please complete all of the required information.
  2. Please add BUSINESS NAME here.
  3. Please add the PUBLIC contact name for the business.
  4. Please list the Street Address for the business. Please DO NOT include CITY, STATE or ZIP CODE here.
  5. This is optional if your business has a suite number or building name that should be included in the mailing address, include it here.
  6. Zipcode*
  7. This is the public phone number for the business.
  8. This is the public fax number for the business.
  9. This is for internal purposes only and will not be published.
  10. This is the website address OR social media link for the business.
  11. Provide a description that is 50 words or less about the business. ONLY write in the THIRD PERSON. DO NOT use "I", "we", "our", etc. in the description.
  12. Choose a category:
  13. Acknowledgement
    The business owner is responsible for all of the information provided and agrees to provide updates of any changes to the information provided. Submissions will be added to the directory within 15 business days of receipt. The City of Maplewood reserves the right to reject any and all submissions for publication.
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