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2020 Coffee Crawl Registration

  1. Coffee Crawl Post Postcard_2019 5-1
  2. Coffee Crawl Business Registration Form
    Please take a moment to complete this form so we can list your business as a host for the caffeinated walking tour - Coffee Crawl!
  3. Please upload an image (jpg file preferred) for promotional purposes. Think coffee cup, coffee beans, someone making coffee!
  4. Example: Maplewood coffee company roasts organic coffee best described as smooth body with notes of earthy spice!
  5. Thank you for taking the time to complete this form!
    Please make sure you filled in all of the required information, marked with an "*". When you have completed the form click "submit". If you would like a copy, click "submit and print". You will be contacted if there are any questions about your registration form.
  6. This form is for Special Business District businesses only.
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