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2019 Let Them Eat Art Event Registration Form

  1. 2019 Let Them Eat Art Event Registration
    Please register for Let Them Eat Art by completing the information below.
  2. This is the e-mail address that we will use to contact you about the event or other important information. Please use an e-mail that you check!
  3. This will be shared with the public, in the directory. Just list one!
  4. ****Restaurants and Food Purveyors - Sell DRINKS Outside for the Events!****
    If you have a liquor license and you plan to sell drinks at the event(s), please contact Karen Scheidt, Maplewood City Clerk for the paperwork. E-mail: or call 314-646-3604.
  5. Let Them Eat Art*
  6. **** Restaurants and FOOD Purveyors - Sell Food Outside for the Events!****
    If you plan to sell food outside you must obtain a Temporary Food Permit from St. Louis County Department of Health. The permit can be found at
  7. Let Them Eat Art*
  8. I would like an artist assigned to my business for Let Them Eat Art*
  9. If you are offering a food or drink item, be sure to list what that is. If you are planning to have any form of music at your location, you will need prior approval*** No outdoor music will be permitted without approval.
  10. Let Them Eat Art! Friday, July 12 from 6 PM to 11 PM. Visit for more information.
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  12. Restaurants and Food Purveyors
    Please don't forget to get your paperwork for selling alcohol. Karen Scheidt: OR 646-3604. AND your Temporary Food Permit required by the St. Louis County Department of Health
  13. Don't forget to have your artist register at

  14. This form is for Special Business District businesses only.
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