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Special Business District Event Tables and Chairs for Stringfest

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  2. City of Maplewood Special Business District for Event Cafe Style Table and Chairs
    Please complete this form no later than Wednesday, April 12 at 5 PM.
  3. Specifications
    The City of Maplewood is hosting Stringfest on Saturday, April 29. The event starts at 4 PM. Tables and chairs need to be delivered and put in place no later than 3 PM. The tables will be rounds and have the capacity to seat 4 people each. This is an outdoor street festival type event. The location is the 7300 block of Manchester.
  4. Please upload your company logo and include it with the bid submission.
  5. Warranties and Product Liability: The contractor shall supply all warranties and product liabilities associated with the products. Taxes: The city is exempt from payment of sales tax. The City of Maplewood will furnish a project tax exemption certificate.
  6. Tables are rounds with capacity for 4 people each.
  7. Tables are rounds with the capacity for 4 people each.
  8. Tables and Chairs can be delivered and set-up on the 7300 block of Manchester by 3 PM on Saturday, April 29. Tables and chairs will be removed by Midnight of the same evening. *
  9. By signature affixed above, bidder certifies this bid is made without any previous understanding, agreement or connection with any person, firm, or corporation making a bid for the same work or supply of the same items and is in all respects fair, without outside control, collusion, fraud or otherwise illegal action. The bid submitted above includes cost of all labor, materials and equipment necessary to complete all work described in the plans and specifications or to furnish any and all items described in the specifications.
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