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City of Maplewood Tree Planting Request Form

  1. I am requesting a tree planting for the following period:*
  2. Once you hit the "submit" button your request will be sent to the Public Works Staff. The staff will provide a selection list of trees available for planting and schedule the tree planting for you.
  3. More Information About the Tree Selection Process:

    The Public Works Department plants trees annually during the months of November and April. There is a deadline of September 30th for November plantings and February 28th for April plantings.

    Tree plantings are located between the curb and sidewalk in front of residences and businesses. There is no charge for planting.

    The Public Works department must inspect the site to assess whether or not a tree can be planted.
    The species of the tree will be selected by the Public Works Department based on the:
    -Available space for the tree
    -Presence of overhead utilities
    -Need to maintain the diversity of the City's forestry stock

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